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see ya, 2009

I Love You, 2009

Still Life, found photograph, 2008

Palimpsest (2008) is a book that I made.
Palimpsest means
something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form (Oxford American Dictionaries widget)

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San Something, 2008

Still Life, 2008

Untitled (Palm Springs), 2008

Flock of Birds II
Flock of Birds II, 2008

Team Awesome: Spring Break '95
Section from "Team Awesome: Spring Break '95" installation, 2008

Untitled, 2008

Bird Rock
Bird Rock, 2008

Placed, 2008

Manila + Banaue
Manila + Banaue, 22x30, giclee print, 2008

A Man and Two Places (Jose Rizal & Mt. Makiling)
A Man and Two Places (Jose Rizal & Mt. Makiling), 22x30, giclee print, 2008

Fire, House
Fire, House, 2008

Untitled II
Untitled II, 2008

Untitled I
Untitled I, 2008