My recent work encompasses a variety of painterly sensibilities including landscape, interior architecture, and Modernist abstract painting methodologies, which grapple with issues related to aspects of spatial tension, codependency, the overprivileging of forms, psychological barriers, and defeat. This work is especially concerned with specific conditions during the demise of romantic relationships, critical life decisions, and is related to the craft of painting itself.

Surfing culture is an important theme in my work. Aspects of surfing culture are romanticized: anticipation, pure sensation, enjoyment, and impermanent states of being. However, the work implies the irrational desire for risky activities that have the potential to disappoint or even destroy. The minimal narratives in these works show not the excitement of riding a wave, but the agony of waiting for a wave during a flat spell, defeat, and potential for defeat as if the surfers are "Waiting for Godot."