Damn, 14.5x20", oil on primed paper, 2009

Holdin' (Surfers Holding Hands), 14x18", oil on primed paper, 2009

Michelle, 24x18", oil on panel, 2009

see ya, 2009

Nothing to See Here, 22x30, screenprint, 2009

Holy, 22x30, screenprint, 2009

Amateur Falconry, 22x30, screenprint, 2009

Something Fundamentally Wrong, 22x30, screenprint, 2009

Lives of Quiet Desperation, 22x30, screenprint, 2009, detail

Want to Be, 30x36", oil on canvas, 2009

Nowhere to Be Found, 15x17", oil on panel, 2009, detail

Distant, 13.5x11.5", oil on primed paper, 2009

Futility, 11.5x15", oil on primed paper, 2009

Understating a Volcanic Eruption, 10.5x15", oil on primed paper, 2009

Well Look Who the Stars Are Gravitating Toward, 10x9", oil on canvas, 2009

What's Missing Is, 11.5x13", oil on canvas, 2009

Another Short Term Goal Accomplished (View From Apartment Building in Quezon City), 16.5x22", oil on primed paper, 2009

Portal Revisted, 8x10", oil on canvas, 2009

Requite, 12x16", oil on canvas, 2009

Cancer New Moon (Your Name), 5x7", oil on canvas, 2009

The Magic of Newness, 17x23, screenprint, 2009

Imagined Distress, 20x26, screenprint, 2009

Surfin' the Ol' Internet Porn, 14.5x11.5, screenprint, 2009

Show Poster for Postcolonial Power Hour, 18x23, screenprint, 2009

Frustrated Brown Man, 13x12, screenprint, 2009

Bagong Buwan (New Moon), 11.5x15.5, screenprint, 2009